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A quickie catch up

Hi all

We haven’t done a blog for quite some time. With the advent of Twitter its easier to keep in touch with you guys directly on a daily basis but for those who are still fond of the blogs here we are.

In the past few months we have been hard at work putting together our show. There are so many wonderful surprises and fun involved plus of course amazing choreography I cant wait for you all to see the finished product. Its taking longer than anticipated – but rest assured it will be worth the wait.

We are reviewing another sitcom for UK TV in which we would have lead roles. It needs to be polished up in some places but the idea is hilarious and clever. If it gets the go ahead you’ll see us do the acting thing!!!

Bollywoods calling but too many commitments at the moment so not at least until summer 2011…yikes!!!

Some of the major highlights in the past few months was performing in SPAIN club BCM. When we landed we saw billboards of SIGNATURE advertised everywhere on the island (Magalouf) the stage was set for a great show, lots of excitement and we pulled off one of our best*

The Isle Of Man Bay festival we had the honour of opening the concert and rocked the whole 10,000 strong crowd arena. It was great seeing them all do the SIGNATURE “Light Bulb” dance at the end. Dance group DIVERSITY and X-Factor runner up Ollie Murs were among some of the other stars.

On 25th June 2010 we commemorated the 1 year anniversary of Michael Jacksons passing with a massive tribute concert in his honour in Dubai (largest MJ tribute in the middle east) with the sole purpose of celebrating his musical legacy and promoting his message of L.O.V.E.

It was an emotional time for performing that night. I think it was one our best shows ever as it took on a whole new meaning. The crowd loved it and so did the awaiting media and press. Click for one of the articles .

We Also did an interview with CNBC news right before the show. We will upload video asap.  

Suleman has also filmed a short MJ dance video which his proud of its currently in editing process. (will be uploaded asap)

SIGNATURE are always working either in studio or dance rehersals. So far this year we have performed around 147 shows ranging from USA to Middle East to Africa and also our local town centres. My personal favs are the charities we have supported which raise awareness & funds for children with disabilities.

Our show is looking great with lots of new stuff. Our philosophy and main motivation is that we have a responsibility to MJ and SIGNATURE fans. We have a new sense of responsibility of keeping and doing justice to the MJ legacy. We Miss Him….

Catch us on tour soon guys. It will be MASSIVE…more info to be released later this year.

Always With L.O.VE & appreciation to you all