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Michael Jackson passes away but will live forever

Dear All


I am devastated, heartbroken traumatised and stricken with grief at the sad news of Michael Jackson’s death. A fan since the age of 5years old, Michael Jackson has been a presence in my home and life ever since I can remember. Michael Jackson touched my life so deeply and inspired me on so many levels that I am overwhelmed at this massive loss…..words fail me. I cannot begin to tell you how sad I feel. I pray that GOD will bless his soul and I know he is now in heaven still shining as bright as ever.
“Michael you brought so much happiness to so many people around the world. You showed us all how it is done with your talent and showmanship. You showed us what it means to be a true humanitarian and a true entertainer. You stood tall and proud while others tried to bring you down and you were always victorious and humble. You were and remain the greatest superstar of ALL TIME…………..There will NEVER BE another Michael Jackson ……..
I love you with all my heart ……
………I will dedicate the rest of my life in flying your flag proudly as you will live forever no matter what”…..
Suleman Mirza