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Neverland Valley Pilgrimage and recent events

Hi Everyone

Its been a while since we blogged on our website but that’s because its been a very surreal time for us as MJ fans and tribute artists. The sudden passing of Michael Jackson has proved hard to come to terms with but we know that we have a duty to the fans and his legacy to keep the memory alive and fly the MJ flag proudly.
Signature are in a middle of a tour at the moment and on a personal level I have found it extremely difficult to perform at times mainly because when I put on an MJ outfit or dance/sing like him on stage I can’t help but get emotional.

I also went on a final pilgrimage to Neverland Valley Santa Barbara California to pay my respects and say a final farewell and also attended the MJ memorial in Los Angeles. (see video)
SIGNATURE recently attend and performed at the 02 arena vigil on what would have been Michael Jackson opening night of the THIS IS IT concerts which was nice as we got to meet so many of the MJ fans…like an old family reunion.

Signature will soon be announcing some major shows so stay tuned to the blogs/news section and promise won’t be away from the updates this long again (see our twitter for daily updates).

In the mean time you can catch us this weekend in Bristol Saturday 18th July 2009 Yates shopping centre signing and performing and Middleborough Sunday 19th July 2009 Asian Festival Albert Park.
We want to take this opportunity to say thank you to our fans (some of whom are not really MJ fans) for your kind messages and support, it means so much to us.

MJ will live forever as long as we never forget to remember.

Love to our Fans