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Hi Guys

2012 was an extraordinary year in the lives of SIGNATURE. Once again we were lucky enough to travel all over from country/city to country/city (fav always has to be vegas baby!) performing our MJ Tribute to some of the most wonderful crowds and getting so much LOVE and positive reaction in return-we are so grateful for you continued support guys.

BUT if you were to ask us what was the highlight -without exception it was FEATURING and performing at the OPENING CEREMONY of the LONDON 2012 OLYMPICS. What an unforgettable experience that was and what an honour to be asked by DANNY BOYLE personally and to work with him.  It was watched by over 2.5billion people LIVE and to represent MJ to that audience at that time in that way and through our own unique manner was a privilege.

There were so many other nice moments’ aswel –ofcourse meeting the MJ FANS in our home town of LONDON when the MJ CIRQUE show came to O2arena- that was lovely. This included a personal meet/greet with the legend MJ choreographer TRAVIS PAYNE and MJ ESTATE –John Branca (both so kind to us)

We especially loved our multiple shows in Canada as this time we had some time off in between and actually went into the mountains and saw some of its beautiful landscapes…

Met with BOLLYWOOD LEGEND Mr Amitabh Bachchan (Dream fulfilled…those who don’t know better get to know this LEGEND ASAP)

SIGNATURE have some amazing plans for 2013….simply cant wait to get started. For those interested we will disclose the secrets we have been sworn to regarding our NEW SHOW, NEW SINGLE….(O YES) and …erm….well lets not say too much just yet but awesome stuf…(inc new video)…….!!  Best place for the alerts will be facebook and our twitter pages and major new years resolution is to UPDATE OUR NEWS SECTION ON THE WEBSITE MORE OFTEN AS MANY OF YOU MISS OUT ON OUR TOUR DATES…..(just follow us on twitter you cant go wrong)….See you in 2013….its going to be our BEST EVER….. L.O.V.E