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SIGNATURE – An Amazing Year and a BIG THANKYOU

Dear All

Hope your well.

As 2011 draws to a close we would just like to say a BIG THANKYOU to EVERYOINE who made 2011 such a tremendously successful and memorable year for us.

We always have amazing performance shows in Europe especially our home UK throughout the year but in 2011 we were fortunate enough to venture further and wider across this planet than we ever did before. In the process we made so many new friends, met so many new fans and got to witness the breathtaking beauty of this world in so many different countries.

There are so many highlights to choose from but personally our time in NEW ZEALAND was a particular favourite. Not only was the show a massive success but the NEW ZEALND countryside has the most exquisite scenery we have ever seen. We also got to visit the movie set of the new FILM HOBBIT which was awesome.

Another highlight was performing with the legendary Smokey Robinson & Michael Buble. Being with them you realise what it is to be a REAL star*.

Our travels took us to the Middle East and North America on countless occasions – Niagara Falls, The Grand Canyon, Sanfransisco’s Red Wood Forests, The Big Sur West Coast Drives being particularly delightful. We had the opportunity to experience the magic of the Michael Jackson Immortal Tour at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas and meet cast members. What an amazing show that is and what a privilege it was to see so much MJ memorabilia (that we have grown up seeing become so iconic) in one place.

Creatively this was also a great year with our show getting bigger and better. We now have new dancers, new choreography, new costumes, new music and always maintaining the SIGNATURE element of fun in all that we perform.

So heres to 2012………………………

This year we have much bigger plans and aspirations. Watch out for a larger full scale tour in a city near you (see tour section of website). We will be visiting the Far East countries (can’t wait) and also the North African territories as well.

Our famous broom sequence dance will be immortalised in a TV advert in which we will both star and also the single of the song should be released.

Bollywood is “coming soon” for SIGNATURE and also this long awaited sitcom that we have been working towards may also become a reality (but that really depends on tour scheduling).

SIGNATURE will work utterly hard to make 2012 the best year we have ever had where all our dreams come true and we wish you..all our fans and friends the same in everything you undertake.

Lets make 2012 the year of REALITY DREAMS…where everything is possible and everything is conquered.


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Peace & Love