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Latest Interview with SUNDAY TIMES MAGAZINE

Hi Folks

Here is a Interview by the Sunday Times Magazine on Suleman Mirza to commerate the Birthday of the KING OF POP Michael Jackson  


Suleman Mirza Stars in new MICHAEL JACKSON Music Video (Short Film)

Suleman Mirza Can now be seen in the NEW MICHAEL JACKSON MUSIC VIDEO (Short Film) BEHIND THE MASK. A song from the album “MICHAEL” released December 2010.

His appearances are made at 50secs and 1min 39Secs respectively.



SIGNATURE perform in UAE

Hi Folks…Hope all is well with you..

Its been ages since we last blogged..mainly cos twitter and facebook does the job for us rather quicker but we thought we would touch base as theres no “place like home”

We are still working on our live shows..hopefully going to be on tour soon and will publish dates in the Tour section of this website. The new shows look great and are much longer and grander….we are blessed with such a great team and new exciting dancers that are on board.

Recently we tested out our new shows in the UAE FERRARI WORLD Abu Dhabi and Club Chi Dubai (dates 13th June 2011 & 16th June 2011 respectively). Both Shows went down a storm and we are getting great feedback….

We must state Ferrari World is simply out of this world…with the fastest rollercoaster in the world…on which we went on 6times consecutively..(needless to say the Moonwalk was a bit awkward afterwards)

Please keep in touch on our twitter and facebook pages and hopefully see you all soon on tour…

Its gonna be great




Hi All

The New Year got off to a great start. We had our first massive show in New Zealand (KiaOra). we can forgive the long flight because we had an absolutely amazing time and amazing show which even had the Prime Minister of the country attend. I hear he is now an MJ fan…thats always nice!

I would like to say a personal thank you to all those who helped us get to NZ and put on this fantastic show. We have fallen in Love with this country a truly breathtakingly beautiful country all round. We were not allowed to film any part of the show so heres a few clips of us just hanging out   

. See you later on twitter



SIGNATURE perform to 750million people on Chinas Got Talent

Dear All

Hope this Blog finds you well.

For those who follow us on Twitter will know that on 9th October 2010 we performed on the Biggest Television Show in the World –the final of CHINAS GOT TALENT (CGT) which was viewed by more than 750million. We were invited as guest performers alongside Paul Potts, Diversity and Escala.

The final took place in Shanghai Stadium which had 80,000 people in attendance. We performed two of our most recognisable MJ dance routines Billie Jean and Thriller to the very excited crowd.

Anticipation had been high for us all week prior to our arrival in China. The media and fans gave us a very warm welcome and expectations were very high to deliver a show stopping performance. Immediately after a 12.5hr flight we did the expected press conferences and TV interviews and then a short creative meeting with the directors and producers of the show. Massively jet lagged neither of us actually remember this meeting but iv been assured it happened and was productive. !!! It was also so nice to see and hang out with our fellow BGT finalists Escala (such glamorous girls) and the one of the best dance groups around Diversity.

Being in Shanghai was a very surreal experience being so far away from home but being recognised everywhere you went it was almost like being in London. The people could not have been nicer especially during shopping…(yep we got some good bargains…celebrity!!)

The day of the show was one of the most memorable days SIGNATURE has ever had. The whole country had CGT fever. The TV, radio, newspapers were all building up to the evening show and our performance was being discussed as one of the highlights… was almost like the BGT final…all over again for us…!!

The actual show was a HUGE SUCCESS  the crowd gave us a standing ovation after we finished and the following days review and feedback was very positive regarding SIGNATURE. It was also a thoroughly deserved win for the winner who I am sure wll go onto bigger and better things.

All in all we fell in love with China and We hope the feeling was mutual….we will definitely head back there again and request the powers that be to add our tour dates in the region…stay tuned to our twitter pages for the most up-to-date going ons…

With L.O.V.E & Gratitude

Suleman Mirza

A quickie catch up

Hi all

We haven’t done a blog for quite some time. With the advent of Twitter its easier to keep in touch with you guys directly on a daily basis but for those who are still fond of the blogs here we are.

In the past few months we have been hard at work putting together our show. There are so many wonderful surprises and fun involved plus of course amazing choreography I cant wait for you all to see the finished product. Its taking longer than anticipated – but rest assured it will be worth the wait.

We are reviewing another sitcom for UK TV in which we would have lead roles. It needs to be polished up in some places but the idea is hilarious and clever. If it gets the go ahead you’ll see us do the acting thing!!!

Bollywoods calling but too many commitments at the moment so not at least until summer 2011…yikes!!!

Some of the major highlights in the past few months was performing in SPAIN club BCM. When we landed we saw billboards of SIGNATURE advertised everywhere on the island (Magalouf) the stage was set for a great show, lots of excitement and we pulled off one of our best*

The Isle Of Man Bay festival we had the honour of opening the concert and rocked the whole 10,000 strong crowd arena. It was great seeing them all do the SIGNATURE “Light Bulb” dance at the end. Dance group DIVERSITY and X-Factor runner up Ollie Murs were among some of the other stars.

On 25th June 2010 we commemorated the 1 year anniversary of Michael Jacksons passing with a massive tribute concert in his honour in Dubai (largest MJ tribute in the middle east) with the sole purpose of celebrating his musical legacy and promoting his message of L.O.V.E.

It was an emotional time for performing that night. I think it was one our best shows ever as it took on a whole new meaning. The crowd loved it and so did the awaiting media and press. Click for one of the articles .

We Also did an interview with CNBC news right before the show. We will upload video asap.  

Suleman has also filmed a short MJ dance video which his proud of its currently in editing process. (will be uploaded asap)

SIGNATURE are always working either in studio or dance rehersals. So far this year we have performed around 147 shows ranging from USA to Middle East to Africa and also our local town centres. My personal favs are the charities we have supported which raise awareness & funds for children with disabilities.

Our show is looking great with lots of new stuff. Our philosophy and main motivation is that we have a responsibility to MJ and SIGNATURE fans. We have a new sense of responsibility of keeping and doing justice to the MJ legacy. We Miss Him….

Catch us on tour soon guys. It will be MASSIVE…more info to be released later this year.

Always With L.O.VE & appreciation to you all


SIGNATURE – Better on Twitter

Sometimes this blog/news section is not updated regularly. Therefore best place to get up-to-the minute information on SIGNATURE please see the TWITTER pages. these are updated almost 3 times a day.

See ya soon!

SIGNATURE – The Year in Review 2009

Hi Folks

Hope you are well & enjoying the Holiday season.
What a year it has been? I am grateful to GOD and our Family, Friends & Fans that so many of our dreams came true this year. SIGNATURE returned to Britain’s Got Talent, Performed on the Oprah Winfrey show, Rocked Vegas, Performed in Londons WestEnd as the Lead in the Musical THRILLER LIVE, Performed over 300 shows in total including 30 sold out UK arena dates across the country with the X factor Tour rocking out the 02 and Wembley arena’s. Performed at the Save The World Awards with Jermaine Jackson, Performed in so many wonderful cities across the globe, made so many new friends, saw so many beautiful things, and now finishing the year performing in the Seychelles for The Prince Of Bharain. Life long memories & loved every minute of it.

But there was one stand out moment which I can describe as the highlight of my professional career. On the 5th of March 2009 at the 02 Arena London I got to meet and greet the King of Pop MICHAEL JACKSON A dream come true for many but especially for me as I got the stamp of approval from MJ when he told me “ I like what you do…its great”….it was all my life’s work  being validated in one go and I am honoured that I had that moment in my life.

However without exception the lowest point came three months later on June 25th 2009. Incidentally Madhu’s birthday but for me now always a day of sad reflection. I still think it unfair what happened and its hard to come to terms with. Iv never lived in a world without MJ and like other fans across the globe I am still shocked. But I must celebrate MJ’s life and I feel even more privileged that I saw the KING live in concert so many times and even met him.

He gave me so much as a human being and as an artist that I am indebted. Now whenever I walk onstage to perform its with a new sense of responsibility. I am carrying the MJ flag and I must do it justice. I must make sure that I too continue to project the message of MJ that of L.O.V.E and make sure that those who are watching never forget how AMAZING THE KING OF POP WAS. As an entertainer and MJ Tribute Artist I will do my very best to make sure I can do the above. ……..I miss MJ every day….can’t believe he’s gone but im so happy to see that wherever I go in the world he is revered and celebrated…..I too celebrate the life and legacy of MICHAEL JACKSON. RIP MJ*

So heres celebrating another year…Im very excited about this one…have so many plans I want to put into action and with the help of God it will be amazing.

Thank you to our fans for making our dreams come true so far. We are grateful and look forward to your continued support..Without you there is no us so please give yourselves a “BIG UP” for putting up with our “shenanigans” (as my mother puts!).

Have a Happy New Year Everyone…lets make it the best one we have ever had..filled with love, Joy, Peace and Success…

God bless and See you soon!

Suleman Mirza

SIGNATURE updates on Twitter

Hi folks

Just a quick message to say Sorry that we have not been updating the blogs as regularly as we should. Its been a very busy time lately performing and working on our new projects for next year. If you cannot find anything new hear then please visit our twitter pages for daily updates-sometimes 3 or 4 times a day!


SIGNATURE -Gullivers Travels

Hey peeps

It was like a story out of Gulliver’s travels last week. Literally hop-scotching from one country to another.

1st stop Monday -Athens Greece where we performed on two TV shows one called “Something different” other I can’t even translate the name of but was similar to UK TV show “Paul O Grady hour”. We also did an extensive interview about SIGNATURE and also Michael Jackson post 25th June which generated a passionate response from us both. (I will upload these shows as soon as I get the DVD’s). Something unusual for us but we had 1 day off in Athens which meant sightseeing and what a wonderful city it is.

2nd stop Thursday -Amsterdam Netherlands quick afternoon show and later that evening in Glasgow Scotland performing at the Thistle Hotel.

We were back Friday in -London for two shows one at Mayfair Hotel Sub awards and later that evening Lancaster Gate Hotel Leisure tourism awards.

Now you would probably think we would rest….so did I …but we had early morning flight –Saturday to San Francisco USA where we attended and gave a speech at the charity Gala by AIF which raised $2mil that very night for charitable causes.

….did we get to see the city….well only on our way back to the airport next we had to be back in London on Monday for the final show!….We Love San Fran and will be back. Our USA tour next year may very well start there first.

Phew… what a week…but honestly no complaints..would not have it any other way….SIGNATURE got to meet so many wonderful people and the fans at every event gave us so much love and support it was overwhelming. …

..our next stop New Delhi India on Wednesday 11th November. Stay posted to twitter for immediate updates and pictures.

See ya in a country near you…