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SIGNATURE perform to 750million people on Chinas Got Talent

Dear All

Hope this Blog finds you well.

For those who follow us on Twitter will know that on 9th October 2010 we performed on the Biggest Television Show in the World –the final of CHINAS GOT TALENT (CGT) which was viewed by more than 750million. We were invited as guest performers alongside Paul Potts, Diversity and Escala.

The final took place in Shanghai Stadium which had 80,000 people in attendance. We performed two of our most recognisable MJ dance routines Billie Jean and Thriller to the very excited crowd.

Anticipation had been high for us all week prior to our arrival in China. The media and fans gave us a very warm welcome and expectations were very high to deliver a show stopping performance. Immediately after a 12.5hr flight we did the expected press conferences and TV interviews and then a short creative meeting with the directors and producers of the show. Massively jet lagged neither of us actually remember this meeting but iv been assured it happened and was productive. !!! It was also so nice to see and hang out with our fellow BGT finalists Escala (such glamorous girls) and the one of the best dance groups around Diversity.

Being in Shanghai was a very surreal experience being so far away from home but being recognised everywhere you went it was almost like being in London. The people could not have been nicer especially during shopping…(yep we got some good bargains…celebrity!!)

The day of the show was one of the most memorable days SIGNATURE has ever had. The whole country had CGT fever. The TV, radio, newspapers were all building up to the evening show and our performance was being discussed as one of the highlights… was almost like the BGT final…all over again for us…!!

The actual show was a HUGE SUCCESS  the crowd gave us a standing ovation after we finished and the following days review and feedback was very positive regarding SIGNATURE. It was also a thoroughly deserved win for the winner who I am sure wll go onto bigger and better things.

All in all we fell in love with China and We hope the feeling was mutual….we will definitely head back there again and request the powers that be to add our tour dates in the region…stay tuned to our twitter pages for the most up-to-date going ons…

With L.O.V.E & Gratitude

Suleman Mirza