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SIGNATURE – The Year in Review 2009

Hi Folks

Hope you are well & enjoying the Holiday season.
What a year it has been? I am grateful to GOD and our Family, Friends & Fans that so many of our dreams came true this year. SIGNATURE returned to Britain’s Got Talent, Performed on the Oprah Winfrey show, Rocked Vegas, Performed in Londons WestEnd as the Lead in the Musical THRILLER LIVE, Performed over 300 shows in total including 30 sold out UK arena dates across the country with the X factor Tour rocking out the 02 and Wembley arena’s. Performed at the Save The World Awards with Jermaine Jackson, Performed in so many wonderful cities across the globe, made so many new friends, saw so many beautiful things, and now finishing the year performing in the Seychelles for The Prince Of Bharain. Life long memories & loved every minute of it.

But there was one stand out moment which I can describe as the highlight of my professional career. On the 5th of March 2009 at the 02 Arena London I got to meet and greet the King of Pop MICHAEL JACKSON A dream come true for many but especially for me as I got the stamp of approval from MJ when he told me “ I like what you do…its great”….it was all my life’s work  being validated in one go and I am honoured that I had that moment in my life.

However without exception the lowest point came three months later on June 25th 2009. Incidentally Madhu’s birthday but for me now always a day of sad reflection. I still think it unfair what happened and its hard to come to terms with. Iv never lived in a world without MJ and like other fans across the globe I am still shocked. But I must celebrate MJ’s life and I feel even more privileged that I saw the KING live in concert so many times and even met him.

He gave me so much as a human being and as an artist that I am indebted. Now whenever I walk onstage to perform its with a new sense of responsibility. I am carrying the MJ flag and I must do it justice. I must make sure that I too continue to project the message of MJ that of L.O.V.E and make sure that those who are watching never forget how AMAZING THE KING OF POP WAS. As an entertainer and MJ Tribute Artist I will do my very best to make sure I can do the above. ……..I miss MJ every day….can’t believe he’s gone but im so happy to see that wherever I go in the world he is revered and celebrated…..I too celebrate the life and legacy of MICHAEL JACKSON. RIP MJ*

So heres celebrating another year…Im very excited about this one…have so many plans I want to put into action and with the help of God it will be amazing.

Thank you to our fans for making our dreams come true so far. We are grateful and look forward to your continued support..Without you there is no us so please give yourselves a “BIG UP” for putting up with our “shenanigans” (as my mother puts!).

Have a Happy New Year Everyone…lets make it the best one we have ever had..filled with love, Joy, Peace and Success…

God bless and See you soon!

Suleman Mirza