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Signature To Perform At MJ Tribute Concert Las Vegas on 29.08.09

Hi My Peeps

To those working through the summer heat “we feel your” & to those on their summer vacations “what’s  a vacation again… been that long for us!”

Its been two months since the passing of Michael Jackson and needless to say its been a very emotional time for me personally and for the many Michael Jackson fans around the world. I would like to thank you all for your support. You have inundated us with so many kind, caring messages and thoughts it’s overwhelming & humbling at the same time.

For many MJ fans I have realised that SIGNATURE has also been a source of strength. You have found the MJ message though us and for me that is the most rewarding part of what we do. We always wanted to be a means of happiness.

As the 29th of August 2009 (what would have been MJs 51st Birthday) is upon us SIGNATURE will pay homage to the KING OF POP in a tribute concert in one of MJ’s favourite cities VEGAS.

SIGNATURE IS THE ONLY MJ TIBUTE ACT IN THE WORLD to be invited to perform at the VEGAS LOVES MJ TRIBUTE CONCERT held on 29.08.09 at the PEARL CONCERT THEATRE at the PALMS CASINO HOTEL Las vegas.  Some of the other performers will be from the big shows in Vegas such as LION KING, PHANTOM OPERA, CIRQUE DE SOLEILS & JERSEY BOYS. This concert is fully supported by all members of the JACKSON FAMILY and ALL proceeds are going to Benefit Music Education in the Nevada Public Schools.

For this reason it is an honour and privilege to be associated with this concert and be rest assured…….SIGNATURE WILL ROCK VEGAS BABY!……….MJ STYLE …

Stay tuned to our twitter pages for the up-to-the minute news and pictures preparing for the concert while in Vegas.

Love you guys