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As iv been an MJ fan for 25 years I’ve have been lucky enough to remember all the major Michael Jackson Single releases.

There were earlier ones but who can forget the radio debut of BLACK or WHITE back in 1991- what a global event that was and then later that night the amazing video premier which the whole world was seeing simultaneously?  How about the eagerly awaited radio debut of single SCREAM in 1995, which was such an important MJ statement at that time.

These were the days were as a kid I woke up extra early so I could be the first to hear it on radio, tape it on my caste player, put the cassette in my walkman and then hear it all day at school. (How retro does that sound now…way before the MP3 generation folks!!)

These were the FIRST TIME DAYS. The first time I would hear an MJ new tune. How would he sound? What would the song be about? How long would it be? Will it have a guitar rift?.

Well….I’m no longer a kid but I have those feeling again and on Monday 12th of October 2009 I will be waking up that extra bit early to hear the new MJ single THIS IS IT.

I am so excited and will celebrate the event but at the same time it’s a very nostalgic feeling too because no matter how many unheard songs get released in the future this will be the “LAST FIRST TIME” I hear a NEW single from MJ on radio like this. Regardless of how its sounds (which I’m sure will be amazing..Its MJ come on!)Inside I will l be saying thank you MJ.

“Thank you for being a true entertainer right up till the end, for it has given me this moment. This moment which is so reminiscent of the best memories of my childhood. Thank you for this great song and thank you for caring for us –your fans –so much that you gave us this present. You changed my life..Thank you I love you”

I know the powers that be have said they won’t release the song but I hope they do. It will no doubt give MJ a #1 single and he will become the first Male Solo Artist in America to have a #1 in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s & 00’s.

Anyone got a walkman I can borrow??

Enjoy the new single!

Suleman Mirza